We create facts

Almost 15 million German citizens have used osteopathic treatments to date - and the trend is rising.

Osteopathy has become an important component of health care in Germany. Around 10,000 osteopaths practise at an internationally recognised relevel, almost 100 statutory health insurance funds subsidise osteopathic treatments and most private health insurance funds reimburse them.

While osteopathy has long been established among patients, there is still a wide field of activity for scientists and researchers.

Indeed, there are already lively scientific discussions, and for some areas of application of osteopathy, there are already reliable studies and evidence. But for other important areas, these have yet to be produced. The networking of the various scientific disciplines is also still in its infancy.

We have made it our task to support this large and important aim:

True to our motto, "We create facts - Together, for everyone!" we promote research projects and studies, see ourselves as a platform for interdisciplinary, scientific discourse and are networkers between classical and integrative medicine.

Help us - support us - we will be happy to inform you about your possibilities to further professionalise osteopathy in Germany.

Together, for all


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